Will My Insurance Cover an Air Ambulance Flight?

During a medical emergency, no one wants to worry about money. However, medical care can be very expensive. Air ambulances typically transport the sickest, most critical patients. Air ambulances are operated by highly-trained personnel. Therefore, the costs for air ambulance transport can be astronomical.

Not all insurance companies will pay for air ambulance transport. With almost no exceptions, they will have strict requirements for payment. Typically a patient would need to be in the middle of a severe medical emergency with no other options for the company to pay. Since such situations most often occur unexpectedly, it would be a smart idea to ask you insurance company ahead of time if they will cover transport by air ambulance.

Also, before you decide on a medical flight company, check out the air ambulance company’s ratings and reviews online.  I would also ensure that the air ambulance company is properly accredited and has the appropriate insurance and licenses.

2 thoughts on “Will My Insurance Cover an Air Ambulance Flight?”

  1. I have a parent with dementia and several other health conditions. I need to have her transported from Las Vegas to Michigan. She is at risk since my father can no longer care of her and a private nursing home is too expensive. Does Medicare ever pay the cost of transportation.

  2. Good little post about the normal situations involved in typical air ambulance operations. However, my employer, Air Ambulance 1, has found that sometimes the actual medical flights are covered by insurance and with some “pushing” we have gotten insurance reimbursements for our customers. Our website talks about it a little here – https://www.airambulance1.com/insurance-reimbursement Thanks for this website by the way. Keep it up. We sent you a email asking for our address to be updated. We moved to a bigger location here in Houston. We’re also following Joshua on Google. Keep up the good work!

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